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Walk the Unbuilt Northern MBT Tomorrow

WABA is hosting a walk along the route. If you don't go, you lose the right to bellyache about the trail for 6 months (unless you get a note from your Mom). 

In July, we shared the news that DDOT is moving forward with design of this phase. And while we can show you plenty of diagams and pictures, it can't beat seeing the real thing.

This Saturday, September 20th, join us for a walk along this unbuilt northern phase of the trail. Starting at the Fort Totten Metro station, we will walk the planned route towards Takoma. Along the way, you'll get a first person perspective on the future trail alignment and hear about some of the history of this exciting community project.

Event Information
September 20, 2014 at 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Fort Totten Metro Station
300 Galloway St NE, Washington, DC 20011

Sign Up Here!

Apex Building purchase off the table, CCT tunnel for cyclists done

More here

DC area up (NoVa way up) in bike commuting - 2013 ACS Results

The Census' 2013 American Community Survery data is out, and the DC area continues to show gains in bike commuting. In DC, bike commuting when up from 4.1% of all commuters last year to 4.5%, meaning that for the first time, more people bike commute to work than work from home.  Driving is down to 37.6% from 39.7%, walking is up to 13.6% from 11.9%, and transit dropped a little from 38.6% to 38.5%. More people are taking motorcycles or cabs too. 

As a result, DC now has a higher rate of bike commuting than Minneapolis, Seattle and San Francisco. Not that it's a competition. (But if it were, we'd be winning). DC is now the #2 bike commuting major city in the US (behind Portland).

Also, DC has shown the fastest growth in bike commuting.  


Arlington is up to 1.7% from 1.2%  and Alexandria is also at 1.7% up from 1.3%. Which is more than a 30% increase for both. 

Silver Spring is up to 0.8% from 0.6% last year. 

2013 ACS

The new Route 50 bike path

Ken writes in (several weeks ago)

A new bike path on the *south* side of Route 50 (Arlington Blvd) from Pershing Drive entrance to Fort Myer down to Rosslyn is now (apparently) open! The “Road Closed” sign has been removed, as has the porta-potty.

The north side path opened several weeks ago, but it’s less than ideal. There are several dangerous crossings (Fairfax Drive, 10th Street, Courthouse Road); moreover, it dumps you onto the north access road for Route 50, which is in horrible condition. However, the south side path is fantastic. It’s been (unofficially?) open since [August 26th]. To enter the path, travel on the Pershing bike lane toward Fort Myer and cross Route 50 at the light * and you can proceed downhill – with no traffic crossing the path! – all the way to the south access road for Route 50. There’s a stop sign at Queen street (AKA Rhodes Street), but that’s the only stop between Pershing and Rosslyn. This is a wonderful time-saver for Arlington commuters, and it feels very safe!

On the (rough) graphic below, the red line is the north-side path, and the black line is the south-side path.

* Technically, Pershing crosses Route 50 in two places – the east crossing is at Fort Myer and it crosses again at Arlington Forrest about 4 miles to the west. Weird, huh?



Rendering of possible future Long Bridge

It's hard to tell from this distance, but there are happy cyclists on it.


Greater Lyttonsville Visioning Workshop– Monday, September 29th

Lyttonsville is the eastern end of the Georgetown Branch Trail, where the future Capital Crescent Trail extension will go. But the plan goes farther than that as seen on the bikeway map below. Rocke Creek Park Trail and Ireland Drive Trail are in the area as well as the Eas-West Highway Side Path and several bike routes.


The Montgomery County Planning Department, part of The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, is inviting anyone who lives, works or has an interest in the Greater Lyttonsville community to participate in a community visioning workshop on Monday, Sept. 29 starting at 5 p.m. at the Planning Department Headquarters (8787 Georgia Ave. Silver Spring, MD ). The event will provide attendees an opportunity to share their vision on how the Greater Lyttonsville area can be improved over the next twenty years. RSVP's are encouraged but not required.

Building on the success of the last community meeting held in July, and a series of outreach events that reached out to the business community and families, the Greater Lyttonsville team has scheduled this second workshop to further encourage the community to help define the vision for the sector plan area.

The workshop, which will be held from 5:00 to 8:30 p.m., will have an open house format, with the presentation being given at 5:30 p.m., 6:30 p.m., and 7:30 pm. At each one, Staff will present the planning process, recent feedback that has been provided regarding constraints and opportunities, as well as next steps. The workshop will also include an interactive exercise to explore community character as it relates to open spaces, streetscapes, environmental elements, land uses, buildings, and community facilities.

The Planning Board will receive a briefing at their regular meeting on Oct. 16 that will summarize the outcomes of theSept. 29 workshop. All are invited to attend. The summary will also be available on the Planning Board website online one week before the Planning Board briefing.

Greater Lyttonsville Sector Plan Visioning Workshop
Monday, Sept. 29, 2014
5 - 8:30 p.m. 

Planning Department Headquarters (8787 Georgia Ave. Silver Spring, MD 20910)

All community members and children are invited. Snacks will be provided


To get up to speed on the progress so far on the Greater Lyttonsville Sector Plan, view these videos below:

-The GreaterLP recap video from the July 15 community workshop

- Check out this video segment with planners Erin Banks and Melissa Williams and learn how to get involved with the future of shaping the #greaterLP area.

-Watch the GreaterLP Needs You short promotional video

Learn about the progress of the Greater Lyttonsville Sector Plan and how to get involved with shaping the future of this community.

DDOT now responsible for Metropolitan Branch Trail lighting near Metro

Since the Met Branch Trail's Eckington section opened, there has been some well-documented problem with lights. One problem has stemmed from jurisdiction issues between DDOT and WMATA, but DDOT recently reported at the latest BAC meeting that that problem has been solved, as WMATA has transfered the statiom area trail structure to DDOT which will allow them to maintain those lights themselves. They're trying to get those lights added to the current maintenance contract. 

Wakefield High School bike rack check II

Following up on my post from last May

Back in 2011, the editors of the Sun Gazette wrote about the bike parking for 300 that was to be installed at Wakefield High School

"We’re dubious that even a fraction of those spaces will find themselves filled on any given day, once the new school is constructed.  Cut out (or print out) this item and save it for 2013 or 2014, when the new school will be up and running. We’ll see how this prediction turns out."

Anyway, I asked for photos and it looks like, so far, I'm wrong and the Sun Gazette is right. Admittedly, these photos are not from Bike to School day. 

Thanks to Henry for the photos.

2014-09-09 12.54.29

2014-09-09 12.54.29

2014-09-09 12.57.59

I blame the parents. 

CaBi bikes waiting for repair


Another photo from my tour. These are all the bikes waiting for repair (and some of the Capital Bixi bikes mixed in too). Many of these are tires that need to be changed, and the mechanism that prevent wheel theft apparantly make that so onerous that they need to come into the shop. This is not an unusual number to have in the shop at any time I was told. 

Cannibalizing Capital Bixi

Last month I got a chance to tour the Capital Bikeshare warehouse. Readers will recall that at the July Bicycle Advisory Council meeting, DDOT announced that they had procured 10 more stations and that they would be installed by the end of the month, so I was surprised when I saw so many stations still sitting in the warehouse. You can see the bases and towers in the photo below.


Since then, DDOT has more widely announced the additional stations and included a map of where they're to be placed.

In the above photo you can see the TELUS ad on the dock facing the camera. That's because, as has now been widely reported, these pieces of hardware came from Ottawa, which had a deal with Telus.

Below are the rows of docks awaiting disbursement throughout the area. It's taking much longer than a month to place all of these stations, and some of these have been sitting at the warehouse since January I was told (which would mean they predate the Ottawa deal), but it's good to see that equipment is ready for placement. Adding more stations downtown will go a long way to providing better service to current users and will make rebalancing much easier. 



One nice thing about reusing the Capital Bixi bikes is that they're already red, so that Alta doesn't have to strip off all the paint. They are, however, a slightly different shade, so you'll be able to spot the immigrant bikes amidst the natives. 

Of course, the next batch of CaBi bikes could be even more different than these are. 

the manufacturer of the software and circuitry for our Capital Bikeshare stations has committed to producing an all-new, enhanced bikeshare station that will work seamlessly with our existing system. We haven’t yet had a chance to test this new station, and cannot commit to a larger-scale expansion of Capital Bikeshare in the District until we are fully satisfied that this new hardware meets or exceeds our requirements. However, our hope is that by Spring 2015, we will be announcing the arrival of 40 or more new stations that will bring Capital Bikeshare to many more DC residents, workers, and destinations.

I hope they steal some ideas from other bikeshare companies. Things like GPS and more basket-like baskets.

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