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I could tell on an after-work bike ride down the Crescent Trail that a lot of newbies (just judging by the clothes) had participated in BTWD, which is great.

There was a crazy old coot down at the Georgetown end blocking one half of the trail with a sign saying "Stop the GU land grab" and thrusting flyers at wary cyclists as they rode by. I don't think he warmed any bikers to his cause by almost knocking them off their bikes. I saw several discarded flyers further along the trail, too.

It's nice having a Bike to Work Day, but a shame it comes only once a year. I think it would be nice to turn it into a "Don't Drive to Work Alone" event, to encourage all sorts of "alternative" commuting, including carpooling and teleworking. If we could only get people to ditch their SOVs [single-occupancy vehicles of the motorized variety] just once a week every week of the year, wouldn't that be cool?

During WWII there was a propaganda poster saying something like "When you drive alone, you drive with Hitler." Maybe it's time we revived that poster, with the villain o' the day [Osama bin Laden, for example] in the passenger's seat.

Marie Johns made have said the wrong thing about spinning. BUT I believe she is a strong supporter for the Met Branch Trail, and Cropp doesn't seem to have done much to help with that.

I think Marie Johns' heart is in the right place - and she made it to an event that many other candidates didn't bother to go to, I was just making light of one (very small) slip up she made. Please don't read this as a statement of support, for or against any candidate on my part.

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