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Umm, "turn green whenever a bus approaches"? This seems extranordinarily unlikely, given requisite crossings of Connecticut Ave and Wisconsin Ave.

This blog article summarizes the complex issue very well.

I did not ignore the fact that the Interim CCT is not paved at www.finishthetrail.org, but wrote "If the Interim CCT is paved, is completed through Silver Spring neighborhoods, and is connected to the Silver Spring Transit Center and to the Metropolitan Branch Trail, then use of the CCT in Silver Spring will increase to levels similar to that seen in Bethesda."

Paving the Interim CCT is a no brainer, yet resistance to paving the trail is growing in the same Chevy Chase neighborhoods as now oppose transit. Many would like to keep the trail in gravel to keep it as a quiet neighborhood walking trail.

One can sometimes hear transit opponents raise two points against the Purple Line at the same time: 1) no one will want to use a trail that is near transit; and 2) if transit is built the trail will be paved and it will be too crowded with cyclists to be safe. Who was it that said "No one goes there any more, its too crowded"?

The bottom line is that the Purple Line will service areas that already have mass transit. It will not even dent regional automobile traffic. The money for the Purple Line should be spent on places with no mass transit like Clarksburg or Waldorf. The trail is just fine as it is. Don't mess with mother nature especially for so little gain. If we want to promote social justice why don't we improve the education system for the newly immigrated. That is unless you insist on having a permanent underclass to provide cheap labor.

The Trail is just fine as it is -
Unless, of course, you would like to see it be paved, finished into Silver Spring, connected to the future MetBranch Trial, and have grade separated crossings of highways like Connecticut Avenue.

There is a real decision to be made here, whether we want to keep the Interim CCT as best serving local residents as a walking trail, or whether the Interim CCT should be finished and paved to better serve cyclists and neighborhoods east of Rock Creek.

I am ok with paving the trail, but to spend $2,000,000,000.00 on a Light Rail system that will not decrease traffic is insane. The MTA should be focusing their attention on the areas of the state with the worst gridlock.

Let me rephrase. I am all for paving the trail. Just leave the trees in place.

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