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What's interesting about the article linked to is the stat that only 0.3% of Metro riders get to the station by bike. If you consider that it is estimated that 2% of all trips in DC are by bike, it would appear that cycling is dramatically under-represented. It shows how far Metro has to grow, since there should be a natural synergy that allows people to live car free.

While we're talking about Metro, I'll add that as a cyclist I fear Metrobuses as a group more than any type of vehicles. The drivers tend to have a bad attitude about cyclists in general. Maybe this new position and new leadership will change this.

What is interesting about Contrairian's comment is that they are basising their comment on current statistics. This fails to consider that if our local elected officals and law enforcement agencies would make and enforce laws to ENSURE THE SAFETY OF THE CYCLIST, more people would ride bicycles as a mode of transportation instead of putting their bike on their car to drive to the trail to bicycle.

The laws are there, the enforcement is the problem. Did you know that by law, in DC cyclists are entitled to the entire lane if it is 11' or less in width? Of course, traffic enforcement is basically missing in the region, not just for bicycles.

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