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How out of line was Albright? The bus operator clearly gave him no room to operate his bicycle and refused to acknowledge Albright when he tried to flag him down. The papers there are generating there alarmist headlines not from some real backlash that is developing but as a way to sell their motor vehicle advertising subsidized media. I mean, what kind of traffic issues would they have if all the cyclists abandoned their bikes and took to four wheels?

Here's how he's out of line. Imagine he was in a car instead. A guy who pulls his car in front of a bus, gets out to yell at the bus driver and refuses to move his car is out of line and breaking the law.

Albright should have written the number of the bus down and called it in to Trimet.

The bus driver should have called the police if Albright wouldn't move.

The passenger should have stayed out of it.

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