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here is a notion that is worth mention on your WASHCYCLE...
the area of Beach Drive that is closed on weekends could use a little sign/speed limit changes on weekends

I ride this road with and without cars pretty regularly
on weekends there are sections that are entirely closed to car traffic
there are also sections of road where is open to car traffic so that they can access the various park groves

well, these cars come through these sections of road always destroying the speed limit
some are lost
which sends them turning around
only to buzz the cyclists, the roller bladers, the couples holding hands, and the people walking with their children a second time from the alternate direction
zip past too fast and too close
oddly they are going to park and join a family picnic
odd that they would not be able to see that their driving style would impose on someones effort to have a good time not to mention their safetly

I think that the Park could put a more clear sign that forces the car drivers to know it is closed
have the Speed Limit signs move from 25 MPH to read 15 MPH
if people are going to double the speed limit
it would be better if they doubled 15MPH
patroling the area to make traffic slow down would be nice

off my soap box
time to sit in front of the alternate idiot box

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