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Watch out! Harry posted a second opinion that looks like he is suporting the boathouse now.

Good Call Michael. Here's that column


Though it's harly a complete change of opinion.

"Walking the hundred yards where the boathouse would face the trail, I could not see the river through the jungle.

So as a cyclist, a hiker, a father whose daughter rowed for her high school team, as a guy who likes to sit by the Potomac and watch the Mallards dally and the 727’s fly overhead, I have to ask: If Georgetown builds its boathouse, will it make it easier to see the river and get to its banks?

I think — yes."

Well, I disagree. You CAN see the river in the winter - so that will be lost. And his column is really a argument to improve the area. There's no reason you need GU to build a giant boathouse to do this. A smaller, better boathouse could do this too. Or just a bit of land management.

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