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And there are people in my neighborhood (Takoma Park) who are carless, both with and without bicycles.

Another thing you mike want to check out is
They're a group in British Columbia that wants to reduce the workweek and reduce consumption, and getting rid of cars is a big part of the equation.

books like this should be required reading in high schools- before kids are given drivers ed classes.Its a shame that kids no longer bike to school- and that young people don't save their money and invest it in real estate instead of buying cars- I know of young people who buy a car, go into debt- sell the car- buy another- go into yet more debt. It's simply not wise financial planning. Plus the health benefits of bicycling, walking , or public transport clearly outweigh the advantages of car ownership.These choices are often forced into kids minds by media and peer pressure- and other ways of getting around should be shown to folks before they screw up their lives with debt, obesity, and couch potato - hood....-W

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