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It is funny that the airports are so anti-bike while the people who actually make the jet airliners at Boeing use bicycles to get around the plant. Airports have become, along with highways- the only really truly sactioned form of transport in the USA- public transport has nowhere near as much support and subsidy from the government.The way that the system is set up in the USA for most airports is to encourage cars ,parking , and suburban sprawl.The kind of airport represented by Reagan National is the exception in the USA.Everyone should go to Frankfurt to see how airports CAN be set up- with rail hubs and every kind of transport available to it making it a genuine hub and not just another engine of suburban sprawl.

I find this story to be just flabbergasting.

Incidentally, Rep. Jim Oberstar is going to be the new Chair of the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee in the 110th Congress.

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