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Isn't this the same policy as for wheelchair users? Or for people with strollers? Relative to those two groups cyclists have nothing to complain about if asked to travel to the next station.

Of course the real problem is that Metro seems to have such difficulty in keeping elevators running.

Wheel Chair users yes. Strollers no (though metro strongly advises users to not take them up escalators - I couldn't find any reference to it being against the rules). I agree that people in wheelchairs have it worse, and I bet they find it annoying too; but I disagree that this means cyclists have "nothing to complain about." We should instead be there complaining with wheelchair users.
Keeping elevators working is a real problem. I wish they'd opted to put two in at all locations so that there'd be a backup. Or a good old fashioned ramp. Those hardly ever stop working.

I have had positive experiences on metro going from the mezzanine to the trains. (The 'vator worked from the street.) I waiting for the escalator to be clear, and carried it down. I expected to get hassled, but the Metro employee didn't say a word. (And, surely saw me.)

I was way off peak, but there is some discretion being exercised.

I travelled in Ukraine and Russia this summer and found that facilities for allowing pedestrians to travel under streets were quite good - with stairs leading to an underpass. The stairs usually had a flat section similar to what your pic from Japan shows, but without any mechanical device; it allowed bikes, strollers, and wheeled luggage to be more easily transported up and down the stairs.

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