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Getting from Columbia Pike (no shoulder or bike lane) to DC on a bike seems like a huge pain, unless you want to head up to the Key Bridge. I'll have to check this out.

This is how I do it...


The satellite photos on Google are pre-Pentagon work. After passing under Wash Blvd, the trail is on the immediate left. You'll either need to junp the median or go down about 30 feet and do a U-turn.

Biking on Columbia Pike is not great, but I've been doing it for 2 years, and I'm still doing it. I think most drivers are somewhat polite.

I do one thing that is different than what washcycle posted. When going east, if there is traffic, I turn right onto S Quinn St., then use the light to cross Columbia Pike, then go on the sidewalk for one block (encountering a person maybe once a month), then turn left on S Orme. Then I just go by the Navy Annex. I do this to avoid the turn onto Washington Blvd since in the morning, the right lane is a turning lane only and I am not comfortable changing lanes with cars that are going 40-50 mph, if there is traffic. I have changed lanes there, but I think it is risky.

Riding around the Pentagon is fun in the mornings. While some may decry the lack of a wall, I actually like the fact that for a brief period, I am right next to the cars stopped in traffic. It reminds me how great my commute is.

Thanks folks. I commute from DC to work in Arlington so the auto traffic isn't as bad as Lori would see going the other way. I used to take the Key Bridge but have moved so now I like the 14th St. bridge. I'm still sorting out the details of the route but I think I will try this Pentagon path to get there from Columbia Pike (right now I'm going Pike/Pentagon City/Crystal City).

"For the record" I finally did this route this morning. It cut my bike commute time from about 45 minutes to about 35 minutes, despite a bunch of grade crossings (I need to figure out another way to tackle the bike-unfriendly Memorial Bridge). Thanks again.

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