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I seem to recall seeing bike racks on University of Maryland Shuttle buses. I don't think I have any photos in my Flickr account (I am only a few thousand photos behind in uploading) but I'll check tomorrow.

I know how time consuming it can be to look up bicycle regulations for mass transit agencies so thanks for going to the trouble and posting the details on WashCycle. I've just added a post about the story on RideTHISbike.com.

By the way, I have links & info regarding the policies at some other transit agencies on my site. Due to the number of posts, the best way to find them is to visit my site and enter mass transit into the search box.

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The cover page of UM's annual report shows a picture of the new-style commuter bus with rack. In the report, UM transportation services claims that "bicycle racks were installed on the front of off-campus commuter buses". They don't use the keyword "all", and "off-campus" likely excludes the "color" shuttles that stay on campus.

For some reason, they decide to consume one of the two bike spaces on the Metro shuttle route for six weeks with a (imho, ugly) bike they raffle off to promote cycling. I wish they'd teach undergrads to inflate their tires and raise their seats instead.

UMD shuttle buses are being equipped with bike racks now. Each new bus has a rack, but they are not retrofitting at all, so it might be a while before all the buses have them. Based on personal observation, I'd put it at about 75% or so. Not all of the commuter routes have them, yet, though. BTW, the raffle's over.

Here's a photo I took yesterday: http://flickr.com/photos/rllayman/327369844/

Metrobus and Mont Co Ride-On aspire to 100% bike racks, but I've encountered appx 4 Metrobuses and 5 Ride-Ons without bike racks. And the drivers would not let me board with my bike. In 2 cases, they were the last buses of the day from those stops, so I wound up biking all the way home in the cold after waiting a half-hour for each. So now, as a daily long-distance bike commuter, I attempt to bike-n-bus only if absolutely necessary.

Some of the UMBC (in Baltimore) shuttle buses have bike racks I believe. Not sure which lines. They go downtown to the harbor and connect with the other B'more college bus routes and they also go to the Amtrak/MARC station near BWI (which also has light rail I think - or it's nearby)

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