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That's pretty damn cool and would save a lot of time and space if they had a few of those in places like Adams Morgan. I couldn't find much information on the site about how secure those things are. Their video shows that it looks like all you do is hook your front wheel on the lift and it brings it up, with some smart card like thing used to control the lift. Is there anything preventing someone with a ladder from climbing up and either unhooking the whole bike or taking off the front wheel so they can get the rest? This may work fine in Geneva, but unless there's something I've missed then I can't imagine why DC bike thieves wouldn't simply harvest bikes from this tree like they were apples.

It doesn't look like there's any lock beyond the keycard, but if they were placed in high traffic areas, that might be enough?

Perhaps, but that depends on if people who are in the area at the time will say anything if someone tries stealing a bike. On of my friends had their bikes stolen on a high traffic downtown street in what clearly was at least a 5 minute sawing job on his (non-U-lock) lock, and no one said anything evidently to stop this person. So I'm unfortunately cynical about a non-locking storage mechanism, but that's what trial periods are for.

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