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OK Seriously; it's a f*ing coal pile that the mural is covering. If it were between removing the power plant entirely and putting up a mural then that would be one thing- but the plant isn't going away, so how could a mural covering a coal pile make it worse?

Or save the money any use it to fix the "bike path cages" around the plant that have terrible blind spots and have resulted in multiple cyclist collisions.

Ok, who are these 'opponents', and just how did they get that stick so far up their collective bums?

The mural will 'mar' the historic waterfront? Philadelphia is arguably more historic than DC (It was the nation's capital before DC), and Philly has over 2000 murals throughout the city.

Way to keep it bland, DC.

Chris- not to nitpick here, but point the finger at Alexandria and/or National Park Service. While DC suffers from its on unique level of blandness at times, they are not the culprits here.

Critics include Arlington vice mayor, Andrew H. Macdonald (D), and Thomas Luebke, secretary of the fine arts commission. There were two letters to the post today about this issue. One was from the artist complaining that the opposition is really to the plant and not the mural. The other was from a resident who is annoyed by the plant but OK with the mural. Link to both...


If you're opposed to the plant, than oppose the plant. Make the EPA enforce the penalties Mr. Phibbs claims they're violating. Find a way to buy them out and replace the lost energy. The land, even if it's a superfund site, has got to be extremely valuable and the building could make a nice museum a.la. Tate Modern or of course more condos. A more modern - and thus cleaner - plant could be built elsewhere. Or the town could go all progressive and replace the lost power with wind and solar or something. But fighting the mural to hurt the plant is cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Now, if you hate the mural then by all means lay into it.

Wow it's nice to actually see GOOD comments here about the mural. AND they all made sense. I am actually from Philadelphia and brought up that point they had 2000 murals by the year 2000 -and they are fantastic! Let me introduce myself, I am the other artist. I was interviewed for the original article but none of my quotes about the "good" the mural would do -all of the community tie-ins and educational programs were used -after many HOURs of being interviewed. So my mural-partner friend wrote in to the Post editor to get some of the REAL points out there in print. Unfortunately the Post editor harshly edited his letter -most of the points were again removed. Do you think there is perhaps an agenda here? Everyone I spoke to thought the mural is a GOOD idea no matter their oppinion of Mirant. We want to be clear, we wish there was a rolling field of trees in that location, not a powerplant, but right now and for a long time to come (even if the plant is closed, and even according to the Alexandria mayor) for AT LEAST 10-15-20 years into the future there will be a fence hiding a fairly ugly plot of land. I'll be putting up a website with real info and a place to write in to support the mural in the next week if you are interested: www.GWMural.com -until then feel free to write me directly if you want any details. Thank you Chris chriserney@yahoo.com

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