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Any time you see government regulating ANY industry, take a close look to see who is calling for the restrictions. It's the existing competitors EVERY TIME. The real answer is to do away with taxi medallions entirely. They protect incumbents, and keep new competitors from entering the industry. Ask someone in Montgomery County how well taxi licensing has gone for them; the county has rewarded their buddies at Briarwood for years, to the huge detriment of citizens of the county.

The taxi medallion could not lose its value from the "threat of pedicabs" here in NYC. These are completely different machines, built for a different purpose.

My services are geared towards short runs where people enjoy the slighlty higher seating arrangement and cruising speed of the pedicab. The may be a tourist looking to see more of the city or a New Yorker looking to get somewhere without getting bounced around from aggressive driving.

The taxi industry here has a real threat to their medallion in the form of liveries. They have been vocal about such a threat, picking up support from the horse and carriage industry that has quieted down some.

This is a virtual fight that was created to squash any fears that pedicabs could be a future threat.

Maybe they came on too strong, because when the subject becomes the environment and the sustainability of our city, who is the real threat?

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