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In Barcelona (Catalonia) we started this week the same program of bike sharing. It's called Bicing (http://www.bicing.com). 1500 bikes and 100 bike stations (map: http://www.bicing.com/pfw_files/tpl/mapa/mapadetalle.pdf).

You can see the stations and availability of bikes through Google Maps (althoug it doesn't work these days...)

A picture of one stations with bikes:

And a video (in Catalan) of one bike:

Service is offered by ClearChannel, the same company as in Lyon. Money comes from "Ă€rea Verda" (Green Area), the restricted parking zone in the center of the city (2.40 EUR non residents, 0.10 EUR residents).

(Translations Catalan-English in http://traductor.gencat.cat/index_en.jsp)

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