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"It's hard to argue that an underground line... is the best technical solution."

Did you mean that the best technical solution would be underground, and nobody would disagree? Or that you can't convince people underground is the best technical solution? The context says the former, but this sentence says the latter.

I too am glad to see that the debate has moved beyond the "for your own safety" argument (if only it would go away elsewhere!). And saddened to hear the figures on the FTA. As with the recent outcry over Secretary Peters' comments, the problem isn't a lack of money in the system - it's about effectively using the money that's already there.

Great write-up of the situation. Thanks Washcycle.

Hey, thanks for the mention! I'm glad to see that people are willing to see all sides of the Purple Line issue.

Just Up The Pike

If you support the Purple Line, please attend the Purple Line Now! get-together on October 10. See www.purplelinenow.org.

This is a great analysis of where things stand on a very complex issue.

But keep those photos that show a trail can be safe near rail handy. The "save the children" safety argument has only been dropped for the moment. We'll see it get trotted out again and again so long as Purple Line opponents can find anyone will listen to it.

The Corridor Cities Transitway is a higher priority for the greater good of Maryland. It will remove more cars from the road. Pave the CCT east of Bethesda and keep the tunnel open. Keeping the tunnel open will actually help "save the children" as Wayne so cynically remarks.

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