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I was just thinking recently how cool it would be if car-less people in DC could take a weekend train to Baltimore for things like Tour Du Port.

MARC's "Growth and Investment Plan" says that they're hoping to arrange late-night and weekend service soon, which is the other component needed to make Ren's dream a reality. Check it out at their website: http://mtamaryland.com

I'm sure many have seen this, and normally I'd not post a link to a video,
but this seems relevant


It is a short documentary from 1955 by the CTC & British Railways, wherein a
bunch of people loaded their club, sports, or what have you onto railway
cars, and headed out from London for a day's tour.

I have to ride Marc several times each month and I HATE it, mainly because I cannot take my bike. This means that I must rely on my car or spotty bus service to get to/from my destination at either end. Seems sensible that public transportation would support other forms of non-car transportation. In addition, being able to have my bike on Marc would greatly increase my ability to deal with the unreliable service Marc currently operates. I have been stuck on Marc many times, just wishing that I had my bike with me so I could get off and continue my ride home.

I applaud MARC for this progressive move. I only wish that VRE (alas I am a Virginia resident) would be as responsive to the needs of its citizens and the environment.

Wake up VRE and follow the good example of your neighbor!

Thank you!N

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