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"It will trade out a dangerous at grade crossing for two grade separated crossings - one on the D.C. side and one on the Virginia side. It will reroute the trail, so that riders going north won't have to take a sharp right turn and then go around the Memorial."

I am confused by this part of the plan description. The bridge is entirely in Virginia, correct? So how can there be a "DC side?" Where are these at-grade crossings? I am also wondering which memorial is being discussed?


I had the same thoughts as to the location. The Post article says, "...the Humpback Bridge is on the GW Parkway just north of Interstate 395, to the east of the Pentagon and directly across the Potomac from the Jefferson Memorial. The bridge carries traffic over the Boundary Channel toward Lady Bird Johnson Park."

and, "The pedestrian crosswalk will be replaced with two tunnels to keep visitors from having to walk through traffic to get from the Potomac shoreline side of the parkway to the Columbia Island Marina side."

I think I am correct in saying that the cross-walk is just north of the bridge.

I wonder if they will ever address the cross-walk further down just after the split for the Memorial Bridge.

Lady Bird Johnson Park is actually part of Washington, D.C. - in fact it used to be called Columbia Island. So both ends of Arlington Memorial Bridge are in D.C. for example.

The north side of Humpback bridge is in D.C. The south side is in Virginia.

The one at grade crossing is north of the parking lot there.

It shows up on this map:


The Memorial I was talking about is the Navy-Marine Memorial. The one with all the seagulls.


Wow, I had no idea that part of DC was on the VA side of the Potomac . .

It's an island in the Potomac. The Boundary Channel goes around it (hence the name boundary) and it's a channel of the Potomac. Virginia's border ends at the water's edge but DC (and Maryland) own all the islands and all the water.

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