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Uh, Dc is not bike friendly. the kiddie trails dont support real bicycling; you cant get on the Metro at rush hour; the road surface is atrocious!; DC is rascist and practices economic apartheid, and this is relfected in the fact that no bicycling of any significance or infrastructure is oucrring among african americans or in NE or Anacostia (the trail around the RFK stadium will be a glass filled largely used distaer IF its ever built....vis a vis the Metroplitan trail!!; police cant enforce the cell phone ban let alone advance sane transportation alternatives ; the road surfaces themselves are substandard for sure (compare Philly or even NYC is this reagrd)!...etc ewc -- geez, compare DC to Portland or Boulder or Madison or Seattle or
San Diego or San luis Obispo or Santa Cruz or Davis or even Minneapolis...


According to LAB:

Portland - Gold
Boulder - Gold
Madison - Gold
Seattle - unranked
San Diego - unranked
SLO - Silver
Santa Cruz - unranked
Davis - Platinum

D.C. - Bronze

So better than 3, not as good as 5. Bronze isn't easy to achieve. I stand by my claim.

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