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If you're talking about HR 1498, you have an erroneous statement here. Yes, it's true that Obama is not a cosponsor of HR 1498; he can't be - he's a member of the Senate, not the House. He is, however, a cosponsor of the companion bill in the Senate (S. 858). Sen. Clinton is not. In fact, if you want to get all technical, Obama sponsored the measure on 04/10/07, months before Kucinich did on 07/17/07.

I was undecided before, but I'll have to vote for Obama since he's the bigger bike supporter! Though Bush rides a bike... that tells me maybe I should consider other issues...

Yeah, cycling is a pretty small issue in light of everything else (health care, war, economy, global warming, terrorism, immigration, etc...). Probably better to think about energy, transportation and urban policy in a larger scale. I can't help you there.

Mea culpa -- I was indeed mistaken in writing that Obama was not a supporter of the energy bill. I've emended the post. Thanks for catching that, you all.

As for bicycling being important -- I don't know where to begin on this. It's hardly a cure-all, but it's tied in with every issue on the table, from energy security to the fate of our public bridge and highway infrastructure to public health to plain old happiness. Supporting bicycling hurts nobody, helps everybody, and empowers people just that much more on all these related issues. I don't see any case for irrelevance, unless your interest in cycling is strictly limited to mechanical wonkery and snazzy gear. Not that there's anything wrong with that stuff, but you see what I mean.

If endorsements from Oberstar and Blumenauer matter, then Obama appears to be the bikers' choice:


I wouldn't say irrelevant (or else I wouldn't write a blog about it). Just that I wouldn't be a one-issue voter about it. I care about DC voting rights too, but that concern could be superseded by others.

It does help to paint a whole-person picture of a candidate though.

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