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Thank you for blogging about the 2008 Equal Parenting Bike Trek. It was easy to pick up your frustration in the post and we are sorry that it caused this.

From your above post:

"I'm not entirely sure what this group does and I've really scoured the website, but it appears to be a Father's Rights organization. [Mission statements people. If you're going to have a ride, an outsider should be able to tell what you're raising money for or awareness of - something like "The Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For the Cure."]"

We are not a father's right organization. We advocate for children's rights during/after a divorce.

On the 2008 Main Page for this event it states, "A grueling 758 mile cycling trek to raise awareness of a child's fundamental right to be loved, guided, educated and nurtured equally by both fit and willing parents."

From your above post:

"They'll be riding from Lansing, Michigan to Washington, DC where they will do some undefined activities."

In Lansing, MI we are having a departure celebration which will include an American Indian Shared Parenting Organization performing Pow-wows of song and dance. The media will be present and we will discuss children's rights and the purpose of this 758 mile cycling trek.

We will travel through MI, OH, PA, MD, and into D.C. During that time we will be promoting awareness of children's rights during stops. Cyclists in each state will be joining the five cyclists for brief periods as a way of showing support.

Once in D.C. the cyclists will give speeches and receive awards at the Family Preservation Festival www.dcrally2008.com

You can view a Photo Slideshow from our 2007 event: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cycling4children/show/

View our current blog and media coverage for 2008: http://cycling4children.typepad.com/cycling4childrencom/2008biketrek.html

View our Media and Blog Coverage from our 2007 Event: http://cycling4children.typepad.com/cycling4childrencom/2008biketrek.html

Sorry again for the frustration and we hope this clarifies some things. We are thankful for your blog coverage and have added your blog to our growing list. If you have any more questions please call 269-420-3203 or email admin@achildsright.net

We made some adjustments with the help of your input. Thank you again and please spread the word to other bloggers and cyclists.

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