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Thanks for posting. This is ridiculous. Sometime long in the future, when people finally get it, they will realize the absurdity of rejecting and rerouting a bike path based on environmental impact while allowing a multi-lane highway to proceed.

Show up tonight folks!

Here's the kicker: "planners will develop a route that... avoids constructing paved trails in environmentally sensitive areas".

So the Planning Dept. is doing little more than affirming the detours and forever enshrining them in the master plan.

Here's my plan: Protest this effort, lobby the Planning Board, and get the County Council to override the Planning Board if necessary.

The meeting was well-attended and many people vocally complained about the Planning Dept's efforts to reroute the trail around anything green and leafy (except the weeds on the Randolph Road sidewalk where we'll be expected to ride). The planners were not hiding the fact that the trail would be little better than the state's horrid detours. An environmental planner defended the non-native trout that would be terribly impacted by the trail if it went through park areas, the adjacent giant highway notwithstanding. Apparently there are impervious surface caps that are "already being violated" by the ICC so we have to not add any pavement.

Nifty approach.

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