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why the hell can't you leave hikers alone to use the Potomac Heritage trail?

The bike trail and PHT will not intersect very often. I've hiked the PHT and it isn't a bike friendly route so I don't think it has to worry about the MVT threatening it.

thanks. I was half-joking, but the documents on NPS are not very clear on that point.

I always wondered why you couldn't do something with the GW Parkway median strip, which is usually enormous. However, creating access bridges would be a pain (for both drivers, bikers and hikers).

I found it to be frustrating that I could not bike to Turkey Run. Or am I missing something? (Beyond darting across GW Parkway)

I think that's correct, there is no legal way to get to Turkey Run Park on a bicycle. You may be able to carry it on the Potomac Heritage Trail - but that seems like more work than it's worth.

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