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There is a semi-cooled bike path in DC called the C&O Canal Tow Path. On Monday, the thermometer on my bike computer registered 104 degrees in the shade in Georgetown, but fell to 94 degrees on the trail. Some of this is probably due to leaving the city heat sink--I'll have to ride on the CCT away from the Canal on a really hot day to get an idea of the Canal's true microclimate.

Misting in the desert seems like a massive waste of fresh water. But maybe it is less so than having a canal next to it, unless that canal was used for irrigation or somesuch.

Having regularly ridden the C&O as well as Philly's Wissohickon Creek Trail, it isn't leaving the city that drops the temp: the combination of running water and tree shade does make it 10 degrees cooler.

Perhaps the oil barons should try that.

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